Sunday, September 30, 2007

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday!

Today we got up and I made pancakes (regular and chocolate chip). Once we were done eating, Kayte called us on Skype. The phone call was so enjoyable. We were all able to talk to her and made it be here in spirit!

Today is gorgeous out so Rick and Matt got out our new cornhole set that we got from Uncle Jerry, Aunt Maryanne, Jenna, and Megan. We played a few games and then the guys threw the football around. Unfortunately, it was time for our guests to pack up and leave. Rick finished burning some music and the pictures for them to take back to Muncie. We bid farewell and invited them back soon. We had a great time and can't wait for their next visit!

Saturday in Chicago

We left Lockport around 10am in order to catch the 10:33am trip to downtown Chicago. This was the first time that Matt, Clint, and Rick had rode a "real" train.

Matt, Rick, Keeley, and Clint at the New Lenox Metra Station.

Clint, Matt, Katie and Keeley at the LaSalle Street Station in Chicago.

The Cubs clinched the NL-Central Championship on Friday night. The flags were already out around the city on Saturday morning! Go, Cubs, Go!

At the Art Institute of Chicago in front of the famous lions.

At the Bean in Millenium Park.

Rick is visible in the background of this picture. He is kneeling, taking the picture!

Clint and Keeley

Rick and Katie

This is all five of us under the bean. We are very small in the middle, but you can also see parts of us around the edge.

Matt and I on the ped-way from Millenium Park to Lake Shore Drive.

Clint, Keeley, Matt, and Katie posing in a small park.

Self timer used to take our picture.

The back...

and the front...

Keeley at TGI Fridays for lunch.

The boys with their Hershey's hats!

Katie and Keeley with their Hershey hats. More importantly Ghiradelli's is in the background.

Matt and Clint with Darth Vader at the Lego's store.

Look at this amazing picture! Rick took this as we were standing on the bridge of the Chicago River!

Keeley's name is written in stone!

B&B...Rick was amazed that there is more than just one of these restaurants. Only if you are related to him will you understand!

Matt and Keeley with their keys to the restroom at Barnes and Noble.

On the train on the way back to Lockport....what a great day!

Once we got home, Keeley and I made dinner while the guys resumed their games on nintendo. We cooked homemade macaroni and cheese, twice baked potatoes, and buffalo chicken wraps. It was an amazing dinner. Keeley brought a recipe for Pumpkin shakes, so that was desert. Overall a beautiful day!

Visitors for the Weekend- Friday Night!

Keeley, Matt, and Clint came to visit us this weekend. This weekend was planned for my staff in K/E to come visit, but only Keeley and Clint could make it. Matt came with which was a great addition. We had a fabulous time and Rick was the designated photographer for the weekend. We wanted Kayte to be here with us so we documented the trip for her!

They arrived at 5:00pm on Friday night. Rick and I drove separately so that I could be home to meet them when they got here. I finished up my cake and waited patiently. Once Rick got home at 6pm, we ordered pizza. We recieved a coupon for a free pizza welcoming us to Lockport. We thought this would be a good time to use it. Rick called and order. They said it would be 35 minutes. All 5 of us went to pick up the pizza. When we arrived, we were told that it would be another 40 minutes. Rick gave us the tour of Lockport and then we headed back to the house. Rick called the pizza place to see if it was done. They said it would be when he got there. Finally, Rick got home with the pizza. The flavor was good, but the crust was similar to cardboard. We added a box of pasta to complete (and add) to the meal. Needless to say, no one went hungry. We had cake for dessert. We celebrated the visit and all of the September birthdays!

After dinner, Rick introduced the guys to RBI Baseball and Tecmo Bowl Football on Nintendo. We also played Balderdash. We planned for our trip to Chicago in the morning and headed to bed!

Incredible Melted Ice Cream Cake.

I spent a lot of time picking out the perfect cake for the weekend. I finally decided on the Incredible Melted Ice Cream Cake. It is a white cake mix with your choice of ice cream. I was trying to avoid a VERY chocolaty cake, but I didn't exactly succeed.

The cakes turned out well, but in my impatience I stacked them too soon and wasn't able to separate them when it was time to frost them. Therefore, most of the frosting ended up on the tray and not the cake. It still tasted great, but was very, very chocolaty. Good for me, not for Rick or Clint!

Monday, September 24, 2007

Our Furniture

I have been meaning to post pictures of our furniture for a few days, but I finally took the pictures this morning!

We are still waiting on our ottoman and area rug!

Updated: Rick took some new pictures with much better lighting.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Cubs Game and the Beach!

This was a very busy weekend for Rick and me. On Saturday, I left early to go to the Cubs Game with Kelly. Rick cleaned around the house and then installed a closet with his mom and Carlo. After the game, I went back to Chesterton and Rick met me there. We had dinner with my parents for my dad's birthday!!

Wrigley Field-- September 22, 2007

The sun was out and it was a beautiful day, but we were in the shade the entire time. We were actually cold!

Me and Kelly!!

On Sunday, we got up early so that everyone could talk to Andrea on Skype. Nelly came over too to talk to Andrea. Then my mom and I cleaned my old closet (I throw away two trash cans worth of old class work that I had saved from high school and college). Rick and my dad golfed. In the afternoon we went to the beach and grilled. We met up with Chris and Jill (friends of my parents) and their kids Maverick and Truman. Rick and Truman became quick friends.

Rick played Frisbee with Chris and Truman.

Truman took down Rick!

Rick and I posing for some pictures.

Just as we finished our "posing" pictures the sun was setting. My mom sent Rick and Truman up to the top of the dune to take their silhouettes. Rick gave Truman a high five when they made it to the top.

On the way back to my parents I took a picture of the moon for Kayte!

Now we are back home...sunburned and exhausted.....dreading the early work day tomorrow.

Friday, September 21, 2007

Wedding Pictures....the last bunch

Today we received the last of our wedding pictures from one of our photographers. Here are a few of my favorites.