Friday, February 29, 2008

Cool Tools!

Alex always loves to help Rick when he is building or fixing. Alex likes to help anyone that is using a tool...however, this has proved dangerous on a few occasions. While Rick and I were at Target tonight (looking for new Sharpies) we found that there is a kid's tool kit, drill, saws, etc. and they are identical to the adult versions that Rick has. We couldn't resist and now Alex will be able to help Rick with his own tools next time he visits!

Hershey Kisses Save the Day!

We had another great visit with Alex last week. Jack and Jackie visited in the afternoon and then Jackie went to see Bon Jovi and Jack went home. Alex stayed with us. Alex was in a great mood until he woke up from his nap. Nothing could get him to stop crying, not his mom's voice or his dad's. But, finally, Hershey Kisses saved the day. Alex forgot about whatever was bothering him and was as good as new!

Alex using the headphones to listen to his favorite songs on Youtube

Alex and Pa

Alex with Pa's beer

We have noticed that most of the pictures of Alex from our house are of him shirtless. This is a result of him eating popsicles (and in this case Hershey Kisses).

"Photos by Alex"

Alex wanted the vacuum to "talk" (or turned on as we say). Rick told him to cover his ears because it was loud so Alex kept his ears covered the entire time the vacuum was running. It was very cute.

Mmmm...Breakfast :)

O'WICH Chairs get Revitalized

A few weeks ago Rick stripped the cushions off our kitchen chairs so that Cindy could give them a face lift. I must say that they look much better and are much more comfortable (they got new cushioning too).

Friday, February 22, 2008


Rick and I are watching The Amazing Race: Season 7 (thank you Netflix). Tonight the teams had to go to a giant Aardvark. Rick said it is just like my armadillo because it has the same first two letters. I politely disagreed and then he said the animal on my blog is an aaarg-madillo (a type of pirate). It was pretty funny, probably much funnier if you were here. Here is my version of the Aaarg-madillo!

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Light Fixture #2

Tonight we had dinner with my parents and then stopped at Lowe's. We bought another light fixture to install in our house. This one was for the entry way right above the front door. Here is a picture of what we had.

Then Rick tried on the light for good measure...

And so did I...

Here is the final product. A huge improvement.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day to Us!

For Valentine's Day Rick and I decided to buy a new light fixture for our dining room. The first two pictures are of the old one. It was gold and really didn't go with our furniture, style or colors. Also, one of the white light things was cracked...very classy.

So today after tutoring I stopped at Home Depot and bought a new light fixture. Rick installed it and it looks so much better. Please also note my beautiful Tulips on the table from Rick!

Riiishh....for lunch

We spent last weekend with Jackie and Alex. We went Roller Skating, celebrated Megan and Uncle Jerry's Birthday, and babysat Alex while Jackie went to a baby shower. We had so much fun. Alex is talking soooo much! Rick and I had leftovers for lunch on Sunday. We gave Alex some pasta, but he wasn't a big fan. Rick was eating some Chicken Chewey and of course Alex wanted a taste. And another and another. He loved it!!

The rice was hot though so before every bite Alex and Rick or Alex and I blew on it to cool it off. Here are some pictures!

We are looking forward to babysitting again next weekend!

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

It's been a while...

Well I haven't posted anything in 2008...I didn't realize it had been that long. Life has been pretty busy (and snowy) in the past month.

Since posting last:
1. My parents have returned from their trip to Turkey.
2. I started tutoring a second student.
3. Rick and I bought tickets for our trip to Las Vegas this summer.
4. We have been following the Presidential Campaign closely.
5. We started using Netflix.
6. We finally got our album from our wedding photographer.
7. I have started job searching, again.
8. I play a lot of spider solitaire.
9. I have become friends with The Cricut.
10. I had my first snow day in Illinois.

Hopefully the next post will be before March.