Monday, April 27, 2009

Sunday--the warm part

On Sunday morning, we met Jackie, Alex, Cindy, and Carlo in Elk Grove Village to participate in a March of Dimes walk for Jackie's friend Michelle. The day started out cold and then when we got to the farthest part of the walk, it started pouring. We walked the second half soaking wet and cold. At least it was for a good cause and we had a nice time hanging out with everyone!

After the walk, Jackie and Alex came back to our house. By the time we got to Lockport, the sun was out and it was at least 70 degrees. After having some lunch we ventured out around Lockport. Later, Jackie went to a movie with some friends while we hung out with Alex. A very enjoyable day and weekend!

Lockport replaced some old wood houses with a park along the canal. It is called "Lincoln's Landing". Alex is checking out the statues of Lincoln. It is confusing because all three people in the statue are Lincoln.

Alex got up close and personal...maybe a little too close. We aren't really sure what he was doing.

Rick is showing Alex Lincoln's head on a penny. Alex left the penny next to the statue.

Jackie and Alex on the bridge over the canal.

Under the road (159th St.). We told Alex he was holding up the road!

Alex calls dandelions butterflies...again, not really sure why.

Throwing the "butterflies" into the canal.

We went with Alex to three different parks.

Alex and Rick on the slides!

I took a short break to photograph tulips...I love them!

Park #2

I was acting as a road block.

Andrea, this picture is for you. This is Rotary Park.
You might have to make the picture bigger to read the signs.
Park #3 of the day.

Making a tough guy face for Pa!

Alex and Uncle Ricky discussing Rick's next trip in an airplane.

Alex decided to try the merry-go-round. The other kids were bigger but he wanted to try. Rick was pushing and at first Alex looks pretty excited!

But not anymore...he got right off after about 3 or 4 times around.

We watched Cars before Jackie got back. Alex put his arm around me just like Rick.
It was so adorable.

Finally, because we didn't wear him out enough, Alex discovered that these balloons didn't go to the ceiling. He was so excited to show us that his balloons (from his birthday) fell to the floor. He told us about 25 times before he had to go home. Luckily, they will still be here for him on Friday!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Upcoming events!!

Tomorrow Rick and I are walking in a March of Dimes walk with Jackie, Alex, Cindy, Carlo, and Holly. Jackie and Alex are coming over afterward. Alex is going to hang out with us while Jackie goes to the movies with her friends.

Next weekend, Adam and Taryn are coming to visit. We are really looking forward to seeing them. This will be the last time before Taryn's shower and then the next time we see them there will be a new baby.

I also have an opportunity to Trash My Dress. Jackie saw an offer to be a model for a photographer that is looking to build her portfolio. I don't think the "trashing" will be anything drastic. It will be downtown Chicago with an emphasis on the architecture. I think this will be fun and something that I wouldn't typically do...especially for free. I am sure I will have some pictures next week.

School is very busy. Our Open House is this week and a few other big events are just around the corner.

Brookfield Zoo

After Monkey Bizness, we went to the zoo. It was very overcast and rained on us a few times, but nothing too major until we had left. It was a nice temperature, much warmer than the last few times we have been there.

The zoo has a dinosaur exhibit going on right now. This is the dinosaur you see when you come in. It is very impressive.

Alex with the dinosaur!

Alex wanted to go in this building because it was where Santa had been during the holiday festivities. It is now under construction so we couldn't even go in. Alex was very upset and would not leave. Rick had to pretend to call Santa to convince Alex that he really wasn't inside.

Jackie was taking Rick and Alex's picture from the other side, but Alex was looking off at something else.

Monkey Bizness!

This morning we met Jackie and Alex at Monkey Bizness in Western Springs. It is an indoor play area for kids and a coffee house for adults. It is very new and still very clean. Alex had a great time and we enjoyed watching him play!

Rick was climbing right along with Alex. We were the only people there for the first hour so having bigger people climbing didn't bother anyone.

I asked Alex to make a funny face and this is the result!

Taylor, Holly, and Quinn got there and Alex was thrilled to show Taylor around and protect her. So very cute!
There was also an art room. Alex really enjoyed painting!

I had to wear a smock (which looked like a bib on me) in order to get Alex to wear his.

Quinn and Rick chatting over a muffin

Alex taking a bite of his muffin...he didn't want to walk all the way around to the table so he just leaned over the wall.

Auntie Holly painting with Alex. She showed him how to paint a sun, cloud, and birds.

Taylor likes to stamp her belly. She learned this at a class she goes to. She got it all over her clothes, but you could tell she was so happy.

Then she dipped her hand in the ink, green ink!

And left a perfect hand print!