Sunday, April 27, 2008

March of Dimes Walk!

This morning Rick and I joined Jackie and Alex for a March of Dimes walk. We walked for Riley. Riley is Jackie's friend Michelle's daughter who passed away. Riley was born prematurely and lived longer than expected, but is no longer with us.

It was a lot cooler today than we had hoped for to walk 3 miles, but we had fun none the less.

Rick, Alex, and Jackie on the walk! This was the part when Alex WAS sitting in his stroller. yo (yogurt)!

How cute is this picture!

After we walked half way we turned around to finish the second half of the walk. When we got to the 1/2 way point Alex started running! Luckily, Rick wasn't far behind. Jackie joined them too. Here they are on their way back to the trail.

Alex decided he wanted to walk on the way back. This made the trip a little slower, but we was in a better mood. Here was the only "photo op" that we stopped to pose for.

There are elk in this photo preserve. Alex wasn't too interested on the first half, but much more interested on the way back.

This was I needed to have a picture.

There were a few pit stops on the walk. This one was the last one and they were getting low on food. Alex helped the volunteers out by drawing on the boxes. I will let you decide which drawing the volunteers did and which Alex did.

Since Alex was walking on the way back Rick was coming up with games to convince him to walk faster. Rick would hide behind a tree and Alex would run after him and find him.

Alex wanted to hold the other babies. How cute is this? This is one of Michelle's twin boys.

He is becoming so grown up!

Alex finally started jumping in the moon walk and having a good time. He wouldn't come out at the end but he did have fun.

We went to Bennigan's for lunch after the walk. Alex had a tough time sitting at the restaurant but he did enjoy his macaroni and cheese!

Alex is learning how to drink out of a straw (and without a straw). Some goes in his mouth and as you will see some comes out!

When you tell Alex to smile at the camera or show his teeth for a picture he tilts his head back. Still a cute picture!

Saturday, April 26, 2008

New Additions to our Home!

Right after our birthdays we purchased the captain chair to go with our couch and love seat. Of course it was back ordered, but it was available to be picked up this weekend. While we were at Dania we bought a coffee table and end table. The coffee table is bigger than we expected but it still looks really good!

The dilemma of the day was how to get the chair (and later the tables) home. The Matrix wouldn't be big enough and with the price of gas being so high we couldn't ask my parents to drive out here to pick it up. So, Aunt Joyce came to the rescue. She got us a truck from Bill Kay and we were able to pick up the furniture. We thought it would be easy, but it turned out to still be difficult to fit everything in the truck. The granite part of the coffee table and the end table fit behind the front seat, but there was a lot of manuvering to fit the chair and coffee table in the cab...somehow it worked (I am not sure how because I was sitting up front out of the wind).

It took a few tries to get the furniture in the right place...this was one of the options!

Here is the first option from the other side of the room!

Here is what we decided upon. The TV doesn't look perfect, but eventually Rick plans to put a flat panel TV on the wall and that will make the room a little less cluttered.

This is our new chair! Very, very comfortable--Rick is so happy!

End table--sale price $59!

Coffee table--original price $ price $129! The granite in the middle is very nice. There was a mark on the wood part of the table which is the reason it was marked down, but decided to try our magic eraser sponge and it took the marks right off!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

The Double Banana

Last weekend we went to visit my parents. Rick helped with some yard work (I mainly watched). The highlight of my weekend (other than seeing my parents) was a double banana. There are picture below to show how cool it was!

We celebrated the March birthdays with Nelly! Here is my mom lighting the candles of the cake that Nelly made. One candle for each March birthday--my mom, Rick, and me!

Nelly watching the the festivities and having a glass of wine!

Webster even sat and watched!

Now for the cool stuff. When I got there on Saturday morning I noticed this banana was very large. My parents had noticed. I decided I would have it for breakfast on Sunday or at least see if it was one banana or two inside of the peel.

Rick took pictures of the opening.

It looks like two bananas!

And it is! We all ate part of the banana--it tasted the same, but I have never seen one like this before and I wanted to share!

Yes, I realize there are a lot of dirty jokes to go along with this post and leave it to Nelly, my 84 year old French neighbor to have more dirty jokes than anyone else! :) That is just one of many reasons why we love her!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Lockport Fire!

On Tuesday morning there was a fire in a hotel in down town Lockport. I wasn't aware that there was a hotel about this bar, but we learned when we saw it on the news that morning. This afternoon I walked to the building to take some pictures. I couldn't get very close because it is still barricaded and taped up, but you can still smell the smoke.

This is the side view of the building. To the left are the railroad tracks and to the right is State Street (in case you are familiar with Lockport--which is doubtful).

This is the back of the building. You can see in the top windows that the roof is completely burned away and most of the top floor is gone as well.

This is the front entrance to the bar that faces State Street.

If you click on this picture, you can see through the windows on the top floor to see the damage.

Behind the building is still a lot of debris. Here is a chair and end table.

Shor and Gianna Visit Lockport!

On Saturday Shor (Shor is the 2nd grade teacher that I work with at Highland) and Gianna (Shor's daughter) came to visit our house. We had a nice time and Rick grilled for one of the first times this year. Shor looked at my scrapbooks and I played with Gianna.

When I was at Downtown Disney I got Gianna Minnie Mouse ears that were barrettes, but this Gianna just got a haircut they didn't work well. I guess they tasted good though!

Gianna loved watching Rick, especially when he was taking pictures!

We had to put her socks back on when it was time leave. Hopefully they will be back to visit again soon.