Tuesday, February 23, 2010

6th Grade Surprise Baby Shower!

Today my students through me a baby shower! Here are some pictures of the gifts now that they are home. I don't have any pictures from the actual event!
It's a Boy! (hopefully)
They are still very worried that it might not be a boy!

A book from the class!

Each page has the students guesses for the baby's name!

Grace thinks it will be "Michael" and Kenan's guess is "John". Just a couple of examples. The name is in the book, but that was the only hint I gave them!

One of my students' moms had a baby in September. She told me he was now "too fat" for these clothes. They are brand new and very cute!

During the Valentine's Day party each student made a onesie for the baby! Here are a few of my favorites!

Cubs and Bears!

Made by Timmy!

It was a great day at school! Only 11 more days with them!

Week 36

These are obviously a little late. I had posted one of these on facebook, but didn't get to put it on here! I am now going to the doctor weekly. As of last week there wasn't any indication of the baby coming very soon although he is head down and is still big!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Week 35!

Here are this week's pictures. I think this picture gives a better idea of the actual size of my belly, but Rick thinks it looks bigger in the picture than in real life. On a sad note, Rick took some up close pictures of my belly button since it has popped (for my eyes only), but I definitely have stretch marks. However, they are on the underside of my belly which I can't see. I suppose it happens to most pregnant women, but since I hadn't seen them I thought I was getting lucky!
This week hasn't been as busy as last. We survived some more snow and another week of work. This will be my last week without a doctor's appointment. From here on out I have an appointment each week. No other real milestones at the moment!
Happy almost Valentine's Day!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Happy Belated Birthday, Megan!

Friday, February 5th would have been Megan's 11th Birthday! As a celebration of her life, we spent the evening with her family and many of her friends! An article was written about the event here:


There isn't a day that goes by that Rick and I don't think of her. While the pain is still very deep, I am very thankful for how much time I was able to spend with her since joining the Hurckes family! Megan, we love you and miss you!

Baby Shower...just a few pictures

There were lots of pictures taken at the shower, but here are just a few from the day! We were really fortunate to have such a wonderful event thrown for us and that so many people were able to be there to share the day with us! So much time and effort was put into the day and people traveled from all over the country to be there! Our baby is already very loved!

Jackie, Alex, Cindy, and Rick! This picture was taken before I arrived. This was part of the set-up (and overall planning) crew!

Sarah and Alex helped me open gifts! They were very helpful...especially in bending over to pick up the gifts for me!

So many presents....these are just a few!

More presents!

Jackie, me, Mackenzie, Kayte, and Angelia!

One of our awesome cakes (thanks to Gail)!

There were many, many more memorable details and moments during the day that we will never forget!

Updates to his room!

Since having our shower last weekend, we have added much to our son's room. Here are a pictures to show the updates!

Lots of clothes! And diapers!

We received so many books! I love it!

After the shower my dad and Rick went to Buy Buy Baby to pick up the chair! I love it and am so happy to have it in the room! You can also see the blanket that Rick's Aunt Sue made that matches the room, the bouncer we are borrowing from Khalil, and the little green chair that my mom painted!

The new valance from my Aunt Becky!

Week 34!

Here are last week's pictures. I am large, not loving the way I look, but I know that once the baby arrives it will all be worth it! The picture of my belly doesn't really give justice to how big I really feel it is.