Monday, July 26, 2010

Go Ball State!!

After Jack's weekly picture, we realized that since my mom was wearing a Ball State shirt (hard to see here) and we had just gotten a BSU shirt for Jack (used to be Alex's) that I should find a red one and take a picture. So, here is our tribute to Ball State!

18 Weeks!

This is one of the first weeks that I didn't take Jack's weekly picture in the morning! While he is just as cute, he isn't quite as smiley in the late afternoon.

Everything goes in his mouth now!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

4 months!!

Sunday was Jack's 4 month birthday! We took his pictures after our rained out trip to the zoo. Alex was here to join in and the two boys were just so happy together!

The scratches on his forehead are from himself. When he gets upset at night he scratches at his head. I can't keep his nails short enough. Since then he has started wearing socks on his hands at night.

Our Weekend with Jackie and Alex!

On Saturday we went to Round Lake to see Alex play in his t-ball game! He did a great job and even though it was a hot day we had a good time watching him! I managed to get some really good pictures of the day too! You never know what you will see at a t-ball game!

Great form! ;)

Looks like this could have hurt! Keep in mind the ball was no where close to this collision!

The ice cream man is friends with the Fiedlers! He knows to come to the t-ball field in between games!

On deck!

I was just taking a picture of Alex squatting on 3rd, but the kid in the background is a total bonus to this picture!!!

After t-ball Alex and Uncle Ricky did some slip 'n sliding in the backyard!

Zoe loved the slip 'n slide too!

Nice action shot!


After Jack woke up from his nap we thought he might enjoy the water, but it was way too cold for him and he was not happy!

A little cousinly love!

Alex really wanted Jack to try on his old Halloween costume. The only problem was that this was Alex's costume from when he was 2 and thus a little large on Jack.

Jack and daddy!

On Sunday we met Jackie and Alex at the zoo! Unfortunately it rained not too long after we got there. We decided to go back to our house for the afternoon.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

17 Weeks!!

We are nearing the 4th month mark and this little guy has so much personality! He has starting babbling like crazy and it won't be long before he is rolling all over the place! He is loved by so many relatives and friends and he loves them right back! We have a doctor's appointment on Monday (a few more shots) so we will find out just how much he has grown! Enjoy this week's pictures! They are definitely worth smiling about!

Swimming in Oak Lawn!

Yesterday we went to Aunt MaryAnn's, Uncle Jerry's, and Jenna's house for a visit and a swim! Pa came to visit as well! We had a great visit and Jack enjoyed the pool. He also rolled from his back to his stomach for the first time!

Jack and Pa!

Relaxing in the pool!

Jack and Jenna!

And then fell asleep soon after!

Jack blew up the inflatables!

Jack and Aunt MaryAnn!

Such a beautiful boy!

SLI 2010--Out of this World Leadership!

I spent most of last week at SLI (Student Leadership Institute) at Manchester College in Indiana. SLI is part of the Indiana Association of Student Councils and I have been working at this camp since I was in college. I look forward to the camp each year, but of course going this year was bittersweet. It was the first time I had left Jack for more than a couple of hours. I really missed him, but knew that he and Rick were having a good time at home. Of course, the students didn't disappoint me! They are wonderful and make me look forward to the upcoming year!! Here are just a few pictures from the highlight of the week which is the Giant Swing!

My wonderful council before going on the swing!

On their way up to the top!

Free falling!

Time #1 with Carolyn!

And #2 with Lakin!