Monday, August 31, 2009

12 Week Belly Pictures

Pictures from this morning!

Aviation Celebration at Schaumburg Airport

Saturday afternoon we met Jackie and Alex at the Schaumburg Airport to look at some airplanes and helicopters.
And also a firetruck...You can see our reflection if you look closely!
Alex on the back of the firetruck!

An airplane was getting ready to take off but the propellor was blowing a lot of air and some debris. Alex covered his eyes until it was over.

This was the airplane. The propellor was spinning but Rick was able to get a still picture of the propellor.

One of the helicopters that we were able to look into.

For a $5 donation we could go on this commerative US Airforce plane. Alex was hesitant and was more interested in the little planes, but eventually went inside.

Inside the plane.

The plane is in the background that we went on...but I think this is a really cool picture.

And then there was "hand" painting.

Showing off Spongebob and Hello Kitty with a crabby face!

Auntie Katie and Alex back at our house on Sunday morning playing with my i-phone!

11 Week Belly Picture

These pictures are a week late, but here they are! I had to cut off my head in the first picture because it was taken after a shower but before my hair was done (plus eyes were closed)--not my best!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

McDonald's Family Day at the Zoo

Anita invited us to go to Brookfield Zoo last night as part of McDonald's family evening.
We had a wonderful time.

I try not to post unflattering pictures of myself (since it is my blog) but I couldn't resist this one because of Jack in the background.

Rick asked Alex to make a sad face...

Dinosaurs Alive! was open so we went. None of us had been through the exhibit yet so we enjoyed it a lot. Rick told Alex that all the dinosaurs were fake except for one. Of course he believed Rick so he was pretty scared at the beginning. His reactions were priceless.

Alex and me with the Stegosaurus.

Excited about something...

Jack and Jackie!

Alex asked the women working "What would happen if Auntie Katie touched the dinosaurs fingernails?" Of course she didn't know who Auntie Katie was, but she touched the finger nails of the T-Rex and Alex thought it was so cool!

Me with the triceratops!

After dinosaurs and eating we made our way to the pavilion where there was the band "Maggie Speaks". They were pretty good and Alex danced for quite a while.

Pretending to play the keyboard on the front of the stage.

The lead singer gave Alex a high-five!

My favorite picture of Alex dancing.

Jackie and I thought this was humorous.

Alex, Rick, and Jaden

First Day of School 2009

Friday was the first day of school for my students. We had a great time. It works out well that the first day is a half day. We get a chance to meet but not get overwhelmed. I have a smaller class this year and everyone seems very nice! I am looking forward to a great year!

Monday, August 17, 2009

10 Week Belly Picture

I think I am actually thinner this week than I was last week. Maybe it is the choice of pants...but yea...this week my stomach is different/smaller. After a weekend where I felt very bloated all the time, this morning I felt back to normal. I am sure this won't last long.

Sorry about the goofy smile.

We are having a baby!!!

I am sure that anyone that reads my blog already knows our good news, but in case you don't.....Rick and I are expecting a baby in March! I am feeling very good right now! A lot of my tiredness and fatigue has passed...for now.

Here is a picture of my belly from 9 weeks.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Anita, Pa, and Alex!

We had a nice visit with the Fiedlers, Anita, and Jack on Sunday. Alex played in the hose since it was so hot outside. Here are a couple of nice pictures!

Anita, Pa, and Alex drying off after playing in the water!

Pa and Alex!!

He is so loved!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Vacation Favorites!

Last week Rick and I went on vacation with our friends, Jess and Eliot. We left on Friday afternoon and flew to Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. We spent the weekend at my grandpa's condo. On Monday we boarded the Majesty of the Seas cruise ship and took a 5 day-4 night cruise to the Bahamas and Key West. On Friday morning we went back to the condo. Saturday afternoon we flew back to Chicago. It was a great vacation. We were able to do a lot of fun things and spend time with our friends. Here are some of my favorite pictures from the trip.
Eliot got an underwater camera for his birthday so we spent quite a bit of time using it. This is one of the first pictures that Eliot took of Rick.
Jess and Eliot before dinner at Houstons. This was the best meal of the trip!

As the cruise ship left the Port of Miami Jess and I fell asleep.

After dinner the first night on the ship!

In Nassau we kayaked and snorkeled.

We bought fish food so I got some nice close-ups of the fish.

After snorkeling!

In CocoCay (Royal Caribbean's private island) we jet skied.

After the jet skis I cut my hand on a dock after chasing a $20 bill that flew away. It was worth it and the cut has healed up nicely.

On our way back to the ship after CocoCay.

It was very windy at the front of the ship. We had some fun pretending we were blowing away.

Jess and I tried on hats at the store on the ship!

Before we went Snuba Diving.

Rick with a sea urchin!

My turn posing with the sea urchin.

The four of us with our guide Mick.
Rick in front of Rick's in Key West.

The disgusting dessert at dinner on the last night of the cruise. The waitress told us it was bad so we ordered something else, but she still brought it for us to try. She was correct.

Playing in the waves after we got back to Florida!