Friday, April 30, 2010

Bathroom Remodel - The finished product!

Our bathroom was 99% finished this morning and is fully functional! It has been a long process but we are very happy with the results (well I am, Rick isn't home from work to see it yet)!

The faucets have been installed and we hung our towels!

Running water!

The other side! These new towels were a Christmas/Hannukah present from my mom and dad! So glad to finally be able to use them!

Fully equipped with shelves for storage!!

And a toilet paper holder!

The only thing that is not done is the plate to go behind the knob for the shower. The shower does work we just need to get the new piece of hardware.

Sleeping and Smiling!

Yesterday we went to Jenna's softball game and then to dinner. This must have made Jack very tired. When we got home had a bath (seemed to enjoy it) and after being wrapped in a towel fell asleep immediately!

We layed him down on his changing table for a diaper and new clothes and he didn't budge! He was very asleep!

And then we tried his bumbo and he didn't wake up for that either!

But this morning he is very wide awake....

and very happy!

Then we got dressed and he was just as happy!

Then some tummy time...this didn't make him as happy!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Some other pictures of Jack!

Here are just a few other pictures of Jack from the past few days!

He really likes to have that hand in the air!

A nice picture of Jack and "Pa" taken by Jackie. You can see some other pictures taken by Jackie on Monday on her blog!

Jack at 6 Weeks!

6 Weeks! Wow! If I wouldn't have taken off my full 12 weeks I was offered I would need to be going back to work on Monday--I can't imagine leaving him right now. I am sure that it won't be any easier in August, but at least I can deal with that in the future! Jack has started smiling more at us this week and we just love it! I did have a hard time getting him to smile while trying to take a picture--it is really a two man job to capture it!
I made some progress on finding a day care option for Jack. We are meeting with a women after Rick's next trip. I have a good feeling and the location should work pretty well for us. I had really been putting off finding day care because it seemed like a daunting task, but I feel like some stressed has been lifted.
Jack is only waking up once in the middle of the night to eat now so Rick and I are getting a little more sleep. I seem to have a better handle on things as I am able to keep up on the blog a little better this week. I had my 6 week post-pregnancy appointment and got cleared to start exercising again. My pants are starting to fit, but I still have a ways to go to get back to my pre-pregnancy weight. It is a good goal though and I am determined to get there or close before I go back to school in August!
Sorry about all the writing this are the pictures!

Bathroom Remodel- Almost the finished product!

The first thing that happened this morning was that the counter top arrived! I had forgotten what color we had ordered--it had been so long. But it really completed the room nicely!

Close-up of the counter top.
Then most of the rest of the details were finished!

The cabinet above the toilet was put up as were the towel holders.

It really has come together nicely.

View from inside the shower!

Although it looks like the sinks are finished, they aren't. The faucets need to be hooked up tomorrow. They need to get an extender to make it fit into the plumbing. Just about an hour worth of work tomorrow morning and the bathroom should be fully functional!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

More bathroom progress!

The bathroom is very close to being finished! There was a lot of progress made again today. The bathroom was repainted, the shower doors were installed, mirrors were put up, and lights were put in! It should be finished tomorrow!

The mirrors about the vanity! Just waiting for the counter top tomorrow!

Shower doors installed and the doors on the cabinet were installed. It is a little harder to see those though.

Just the view from the other side.

Remember our bathroom....

You may remember that we were having our bathroom redone. The last time I posted was January 23rd. You may have thought that I had pregnancy brain, but really nothing else ever happened to our bathroom. It just remained at the January 23rd stage until yesterday!

We were able to get another contractor to come and finish the job for us! Yesterday proved a little challenging for them to pick up where he left off. The previous contractor did things differently than our new guys would have. Regardless, they have been wonderful at doing the best that they can....AND they actually make a lot of progress!
So here are yesterdays pictures. They should be done by Thursday!

The vanity came upstairs! Very exciting to have it in the bathroom AND out of the garage!

This is the cabinet next to our shower. It will be getting doors!

This picture doesn't show too much that is new other than the new base boards and that there are actually supplies in the bathroom!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

5 weeks old!

We took Jack's picture this week in Peoria. You can tell that he is starting to sit up a little better and has more control of his neck.

On Monday, we went to the doctor for Jack's 1 month appointment. He weighed 12 1/2 pounds and grew 3/4 of an inch! Overall ,very healthy!

Peoria for Business

Rick had a business trip in Peoria this week. Since it was a short drive, Jack and I went along with him. This was Jack's first time in a hotel. He did great!

Enjoying the big bed on his boppy!

Mommy and Jack!


Jack and I went to the zoo! He slept the entire really I went to the zoo. It was a nice afternoon for us to get out of the hotel.

Since I was carrying Jack this is the best picture I could get of him while at the zoo. As you can tell, he is I mentioned previously!

Apparently, camels are groomed with a rake.

River Red Hogs aren't too cute, but all babies have some level of cuteness!

Here is the momma hog with her three babies!

This was the most active lioness I have ever seen. The mom of these children weren't so thrilled with her activity. She wanted them to move away!

This lion was very similar to the lion water fountain that the Michigan City zoo had/has. This zoo is now using it to collect donations, but it reminded me of my childhood!

My handsome baby relaxing with a little nap after a long day!