Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy Birthday Alex!!!

Today is Alex's real birthday, Decemeber 31st!! It is hard to believe he is 3 already. Rick and I love every moment we get to spend with him! We hope this year is even better than the last!
The first picture is from last year and then a picture from this year's party!
He has really grown in the past year!

Happy Birthday Alex!

Auntie Katie and Uncle Ricky

Garbage Day!

Since we have been hosting a few parties and cleaning out rooms in the basement we had quite a bit of trash today! Rick wanted to see how much it looked like out on the street so I took a picture! Looking forward to it all being gone this afternoon!

End of Hannukah!

Sunday we lit the menorah for the last time! Beautiful, as always!

Alex's 3rd Birthday Party!

On Saturday we hosted Alex's 3rd Birthday Party at our house. Rick took down all of the snowman ornaments and I made Alex a Birthday Tree decorated with the Train Theme! I think this was the best birthday tree to date! We also had train tracks hanging across the room and railroad crossing signs around the house. Just enough decoration to make it special for Alex!

Birthday Tree!

Balloons and railroad tracks and crossing signs!

Overall view of the entire room!

Pre-frosting of the train cake!

Frosting the railroad sign cake!

Putting on the final touches!

Finished Product: Cake 1 -- Strawberry Cake (per Alex's request) with vanilla frosting!

Finished Product: Cake #2 -- Half Chocolate/Half Vanilla with Vanilla Frosting (dyed green, also Alex's request). This cake was much more difficult but they both turned out great and Alex loved them!

Blowing out the Birthday Candles. Alex didn't know there were so many verses in the Hurckes Family so Pa re-lit the candles in the middle of the second verse so Alex could blow them out again!

Loving the attention--obviously he has some Hurckes blood!

All of the guest (minus the Holly, Quinn, and Taylor)

Mommy and the Birthday Boy!

Opening presents! I tried to get Alex to show everyone what he got when he opened it, but obviously by the look on his face he was not at all interested in doing this...on to the next gift!

Little People!!!

Alex on his new bicycle!

With his helmet!

Baby Tay's turn!

Alex and Taylor playing with the balloons!

PJ Time!! Grandma and Alex!

Alex was looking at Uncle Ricky's new calendar.

Couldn't get enough frosting!

Jumping on the trampoline in our new Wii game!

Tough Guy!!

Alex helped me put the candles in the menorah for the last night of Hannukah!

Unfortunately, the menorah tipped over and one of the candles broke. Alex thought we should light this candle and sing him Happy Birthday again. And then to mommy, and then to Uncle Ricky, and then to Auntie Katie, and then finally to his new bicycle.

Giving silly kisses!!

Christmas Day!

Christmas morning Rick and I drove to Chesterton! The roads were dry and we had a nice quick drive. We arrived just as my dad and Andrea were returning from church. We normally take our picture at the beach in the morning, but by the time we opened presents we didn't have time. So we opened presents, ate lunch, and then went to the beach. Rick and I came back and said our goodbyes and then headed to Plainfield to see the Hurckes family. It was a great way to spend the day!

Rick in front of the Wiese Christmas tree!

My turn!

Opening presents--Webster (the cat) always sits on top of the boxes during the festivities.

My mom got a snuggie (as seen on TV). Here she is trying it on!

And how it would be to watch TV wearing it!

We were trying to take a Christmas pet picture...Jackson as Santa and Webster as an elf. They didn't really cooperate well, if you can believe that!

Then it was time for the beach!

The ground was so hard and most things were iced over when we went out. We decided to take our picture on this small dune, my dad climbed up first!

Dad, me, Rick, Andrea, and Mom!
With Hats!

Without Hats (it might be too small to see-sorry)!

The Girls!


Rick and Katie Pictures! There are a lot of them, but they are funny!

The boys out by the lake!

Cold, but not at all close to being frozen!I climbed up another part of the small dune (it took me two or three tries), but then I realized I had to get down and it was covered in ice.

So Andrea helped!

Mom and Dad!!

Merry Christmas!