Friday, June 11, 2010

Mackenzie is Married!!

Last Saturday we went to Logansport, IN for Mackenzie and Derek's wedding! We had a really nice time and we are so happy for Mackenzie! Jack also enjoyed his first wedding!

Mack and Jack!

Mackenzie, Derek, and Jack!!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

12 Weeks!

Go Blackhawks!!! 2010 Stanley Cup Champs!!!

Love this kid!!! He is so happy! I think I say that every week! Today we heard from the day care provider that we really liked. She is going to take Jack and we are very excited. After meeting with a lot of people, we are very happy with this decision. Obviously it makes me sad to think about leaving Jack in August, but we know he will be in good hands. This is a big weight lifted from my shoulders to have this taken care of!

Friday, June 4, 2010

11 Weeks

These pictures are already a week old! He is so alert these days and has such a range of expressions on his face!

Just to is Alex at 11 weeks!

Memorial Day Weekend!

We had a busy weekend, but it started with a relaxing day on Saturday!

It was warm and Jack needed to wear a hat for his walk!

Then Jack and Daddy took a nap!

We ended our day with a visit with Jenna!

On Sunday we spent the day with some of the Hurckes'. We went swimming at Uncle Jerry and Aunt MaryAnn's and spent the day with Jackie, Alex, Jack, Anita, Carrie, and Jadon. Jack had his first experience in the pool!

He liked having his toes in the water and actually ended up taking a nap on my lap as I sat on the steps!

Alex and Jadon playing with the noodles!

Jack and Daddy!

Alex and his mommy!

Such a great picture!

Jack and Jenna!

Alex took some swim lessons from Uncle Ricky!!

Great picture of the guys!

Then on Monday we went to Chesterton. Ed met Jack for the first time!

10 Weeks!

Again this week very happy when it comes to picture time!

Jack's 1st Visit to Lake Michigan

A few weeks ago we went to Chesterton to help with some yard work that my dad wasn't able to do after his surgery. Jack hung out in the yard for a little while, but it was a very hot today. Rick helped my mom plant the garden and with the gutters. My mom planted the garden and my dad mowed. I was on Jack duty!

Touching the grass for the first time!

Then we went to the beach for Jack's first visit.

Even though it was hot, Jack seemed to like it so far!

Then we dipped his toes in the water. Happy at first....

But then he realized how cold it was and wasn't so happy any more! I am sure there will be many more visits in the future!