Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Alex and Cindy visited us tonight!

Alex is spending a few days with Cindy. They made a pit-stop by our house for a nap and dinner. Here is Alex and Cindy at dinner!

Alex and I playing in the living room after dinner...luckily everything stayed in Alex's stomach.
Rick changed Alex's diaper for the first time today! It only took Alex refusing to let Cindy or me do it! Way to go Rick!

Alex is very ticklish!Alex in his pajamas right before he left! We are so glad we were able to see him and Cindy today!

Pumpkin Carving!

Rick and I carved our pumpkin on Sunday night after we returned from Wisconsin Dells. Rick looked up pumpkins online and this is the design we chose. We also cut off the bottom of the pumpkin in order to clean it out. This did make cleaning much easier, but proved a little harder to keep it sitting up once we were finished.

Once we picked our design, I drew it on the pumpkin. Not in pencil though...in Sharpie! Funny thing...you can still see the lines if you don't follow the sharpie marks. It looks great now and even better on our front porch!

Sunday in the Dells and the highway.

On Sunday morning we took another walk. It was earlier in the morning and colder. My dad spotted that there was frozen water coming out of this pump. Here is what my mom captured.

We brought bread for the ducks this time around. Thus there were more of them. Here are their pictures. I wanted to bring one home, but my dad said the only way a duck can ever come home is if it is served on your plate.

This picture is suppose to be of the ducks following my mom and me.
The moon for Kayte!
Our plan was to go Paul Bunyan's for breakfast...but they were closed for the season. I am not sure who was the most upset by this. We ended up going to the Western Buffet...not nearly as good from what Rick and my dad described.

My dad thought this sign was very entertaining..."Have a Swig with Nig"
This diner advertised Cinnamon Rolls, we stopped for my mom, but they were out :(

Rick and his family remember that this place had air vents in their bathroom that led to the kitchen. We aren't sure if it is same place, if it is, it has been remodeled. Either way, we didn't eat there...we should be safe!
On our way home there was an accident right after we entered Illinois. Rick went to the back of the truck (while we were stuck in traffic) to get us some food.
Good Job Rick!! (As he was running back he dropped the case to his sunglasses. A few seconds later, a girl ran up and brought them back to him).
The first bag of food didn't have bagels or pretzels....take 2!
He made it!
Here is the police officer at the scene of the accident. This is funny because Rick's dad calls my dad Roscoe.
Here is the accident.


On Saturday morning we took around where were staying. On the way we found some ducks. Since my mom has an awesome camera I was able to take some really cool pictures.

My mom took this picture of the pine cones. I really like it!

Here we are back in our condo having a snack before we headed out for the day!
We went to Mt. Olympus theme park. We wanted to go there because they have an indoor water park. It turned out that they also have an indoor theme park and that the go-karts were still open. We rode the Poseidon and Trojan Horse go-karts.

The go-karts track goes through the Trojan Horse!
My family collects smashed pennies. Here we are posing with the machine!

Here is the indoor roller coaster. It was my mom's idea to ride it, but I think she enjoyed it the least. My dad and I had a good time, Rick and my mom steered clear for the rest of the day!

My mom took this cute picture (Rick is in the background too).

Here I am inside Dairy Queen posing with our "Wisconsin Dells Fun Card". This card got us many buy one get one free deals.
Wisconsin Ducks are boats that give tours on the River. We posed with the boat. Rick and I may have gotten into the boat, but that isn't what my dad told the man that told us we weren't allowed to climb on them.

We went to a place called Pedro's for dinner---it wasn't very good and the service was horrible. As you can tell, we aren't doing too well on our meals this trip...needless to say we didn't starve.

The rest of Friday!

After we went to O'WICH we drove around Wisconsin Dells looking for what we would do next.

Dairy Queen #2...they were already closed for the season :(

Dairy Queen #3...This was their last weekend open. Because of that, everything was 50% off. To make the deal even better, we had a Buy One, Get One Free Coupon for a Blizzard. So in the end, everything was 75% off. The only downfall...they were out of chocolate ice cream. The Blizzards were DELICIOUS!

Here is Moon Road...this picture is especially for Kayte.

One of my mom's co-workers gave her a pass for 4 paid entrances to the Serpent Safari. None of us had heard of this place, but thought we would try it out because it was free. We drove up and down the road looking for it. After the second or third time, we finally saw this sign.

We parked and began looking again...we eventually found out that the Serpent Safari had closed up...for good. Here is Rick puzzled about the Serpent Safari.

For dinner we had pizza from MooseJaw! They have a delivery car with a moose on top of a PT Cruiser...pretty funny looking.

My mom and dad in the Moose hats! :) They are cute!

Our trip to the Wisconsin Dells! (and O'WICH)!

This past weekend Rick and I went with my parents to the Wisconsin Dells on their Fall Break. We had a lot of fun and took a lot of pictures to remember the trip. We left early Friday morning and got to our timeshare (well my parents) around 1pm. We stopped for lunch at the DeForest Family Restaurant in DeForest, WI. The meal was NOT stellar. Also, my dad had chicken sauce spilled on him by the waitress.

After getting settled we took a trip to O'WICH. O'WICH is Rick's moms cabin in Portage, Wisconsin. My parents have heard a lot about it, but had never been there. They really liked it and my mom enjoyed taking pictures of the moss, mushrooms, and leaves. My dad enjoyed a beer.

My mom and dad at O'WICH!

Posing by the Wisconsin River.

There is always work to do when you visit O'WICH!!
Rick fixed one of the solar lamps by the river.

In the refrigerator was a Hamms Beer. My dad was very excited and drank it on the spot.

Dad, Mom, and Me in the living room in front of the fire place.

Rick and me on the front porch before we left.

This horse lives near O'WICH. He is very well endowed. My mom and I got out of the truck to take his picture. This is the only close up we have of him because the flash on the camera scared him away.

Portage, Wisconsin has a Popcorn Drive-Thru. We tried it out and enjoyed our first popcorn in Portage. We took it down to the river.

Whenever my sister visits a new body of water she dips her toe in to say she has been in it. She goes to place like Poland and the North Sea. We went to the Wisconsin River and had a "swim" for Andrea.

This is the Dairy Queen in Portage....I took pictures of each Dairy Queen we passed on our trip. More to come!

Here are a few artistic photos taken by my mom and me: