Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Goodbye June!!

June was a pretty incredible month for us! We had so much fun! July will begin tomorrow and we will bid farewell to the month full of birthdays! To me July also marks the midway point of summer (I know it isn't quite the middle).
I am taking a class this week from 8am-5pm. It has been a lot of sitting still at which I am not too good. I tutored afterwards this and will again tomorrow. Thursday we are going to the Cubs' Game and Saturday we are going to Chesterton. It has been quite a busy week.
I am looking forward to a little more rest next week. I am also going to attempt to start unpacking my classroom next week.
Jack, sorry about all the writing!

Jackie's Birthday Afternoon

On Sunday afternoon we went out to lunch for Jackie's birthday with Holly, Quinn, and Taylor. Then we went to Pirate's Cove in Elk Grove Village to hang out for the rest of the afternoon.

Alex went on the train 3 times right when we arrived. He sat in a different seat each time.

When Tom arrived, he and Alex went on the spiderweb. Tom had a little trouble getting out.

Alex went on the train again. This time with his "father".

Tom and I chatting while Alex was in the paddle boats.
We left Pirate's Cove and went to the Rodeo that was being held (not a real rodeo, but that is what it was called).
Alex at the petting zoo. He tried to feed the donkey from the cup.
Tom and the llama became quick friends!

There were piglet races.

Alex got his face painted for the first time! He did a great job sitting still!

He loved the result...face painting may take the place of tattoos. We will have to wait and see.

It takes a lot of energy to ride this horse!

Jackie and her friends comment on the the bra strap product. This women was wearing it but shouldn't have been because the shirt would have covered her bra....oy!

Jackie's Birthday Morning!

Saturday morning Alex and I went to the store to get Jackie a birthday surprise (these pictures are at the bottom of this post). We came back with donuts and put candles in them. 5 verses of Happy Birthday followed! Hopefully it was just the start to a birthday she had always dreamed of ;)

After donuts, Rick and Alex played with the hose in the front yard. You can tell from the pictures that they had a great time!

I love these close-ups of Alex!!

My husband is so damn attractive!!

Birthday donuts!

Happy Birthday, Jackie!!

Heritage Fest with Alex

On Saturday evening we babysat Alex while Jackie celebrated her birthday with her friends. We took a shuttle to the festival from the Belmont train station. It was Alex's first time on a bus. He thought it was amazing. He asked to ride the bus EVERYDAY!!

Uncle Ricky and Alex on the bus!

Alex is a pro at slides!

He finally lifted his feet at the end!

Alex went on this ride three times. He is obviously not scared of heights like his mom. He was so happy!

Measuring himself...On his tip toes!

Not on his tip toes.

Pointing at Uncle Ricky taking the picture.

This was before ice cream and lemonade, however, afterwards Alex got back up on my shoulders. Apparently, he wasn't feeling well because he puked right in my hair. While my hair did smell a little it wasn't a big deal at all. He felt much better afterwards!

The spiderman jumping house!

This is the ice cream!