Saturday, March 27, 2010

Jack's First Week at Home!

Jack had a lot of visitors and excitement in his first week.

He met his cousin Alex who adored him! They had some great bonding! Everyone enjoyed watching them together!
We took our first walk! I have been able to walk a little more each day and hopefully the weather will stay nice in the upcoming weeks!
Before our walk on Thursday we took a picture for Andrea and then took a picture of the picture!
Before his first bath...
which he didn't particularly enjoy!
And his one week picture!

It has been a tiring week...not sure if more tiring for Jack or me!

First Professional Pictures!

Bella Baby Photography comes into the hospital to take pictures of the newborns. We were able to get some wonderful pictures of Jack in his first days of life!

Our hospital visitors!

Jack was very lucky to have lots of visitors at the hospital!

Grandma Cindy was waiting all night while I was in labor for Jack to be born!!

Aunt Jackie was also waiting for Jack's arrival! She did run home to take Alex to daycare but was back in time to meet Jack right away!

Pa came at noon when Jack was in the nursery but was able to meet Jack when he came to our new room!

And Anita came after work to meet the new arrival!

Zeidi (Grandpa in Yiddish) came after work and brought dinner. He was on cloud 9 with Jack!

And Bubbie (Grandma) also enjoyed every minute.

On Friday we had a visit with Jenna (Jack's Godmother).
And Aunt MaryAnn loved Jack too!

After school on Friday Auntie Holly came to visit Jack!

And so did Gwen!

And of course, daddy was there the whole time with us!! I love this picture of my guys!

Jack Maxwell

On Wednesday, March 17th I went to the doctor at 9am in the morning. After waiting almost an hour to see the doctor we were told that there really hadn't been any progress. We scheduled an ultra sound for Friday morning with the plan to then schedule a c-section on the following Monday or Tuesday. After the appointment I ran some errands and walked around the mall until lunch time. Then I met Rick for lunch and we took another walk and ate lunch. On my drive home I started experiencing some contractions but I didn't think it was anything serious or consistent enough to be labor. However, as the afternoon went on the contractions continued to get a little stronger. I finally told Rick around 4 o'clock but still didn't think it was serious.

When Rick came home we took another walk and I walked through the contractions. We had dinner and I was finally starting to think that this could be labor. Rick wanted me to call the doctor but I kept putting it off. Finally, at 8:30pm, when the contractions were about 4 minutes apart I called the doctor and he said to come in to the hospital to be checked. We left the house when American Idol was over at 9:00pm and were able the hospital by 9:30pm.

When we arrived I was checked and dilated to 3cm and my body was ready to have the baby. We were admitted and I got an epidural right away because the anesthesiologist was close by. I was able to rest comfortably until about 7am. Rick got some sleep too. Around 7am I was very close to 10 centimeters. The contractions were getting stronger and I wasn't given any more pain relief so that I could feel when to push.

My doctor came in around 8am my doctor came in to check me. She said I could start pushing whenever I felt the urge. Our plan was to push for 1 hour and if I hadn't given birth we would do a c-section to get him out since they still thought he was pretty good. By 8:30am I was ready to start pushing, but I was watching the clock. Pushing was really difficult and I was ready to have the c-section. At 9:30am the doctor came back in and said the progress was good and that she thought we could get him out right away. My doctor was wonderful and very involved. They did have to use the forceps and I had a 3rd degree tear but Jack Maxwell was born at 9:44am on Thursday, March 18th. He weighed 9 lbs 8 oz and was 21.5 inches long! Rick and I are truly blessed and so excited to share our lives with Jack!

Laying on my side trying to relax!

Jack's first picture!!

Our first picture of mother and son!

Jack's stats!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Week 40!

March 15th has come and gone and the baby is still living inside of me! He doesn't seem to be in any rush to come out! I have increased the spicy food I am eating and walking as much as I can everyday (luckily the weather has been beautiful since yesterday). Today I go to the doctor! I assume we will schedule an induction for next week if he doesn't come on his own! I will keep everyone updated! Thanks for all the well wishes! We can't wait to meet him either!

He has dropped! I am not sure if you can tell from the picture, but he is lower now!

Rick at 40 weeks and 1 day--his birthday!!!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Week 39!

I am in my last week of work. One day down, four to go. I go to the doctor again tomorrow for an update. I still continue to feel bigger each day and more and more uncomfortable. We are getting very excited to meet our little guy!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Week 38!

I had Monday off which was a nice start to this week. ISAT testing started today and will continue for most of the rest of my time at work. I started getting comments at work about "still being here". Obviously that means I am nearing the end and starting to look uncomfortable (which would be very true)!