Sunday, November 29, 2009

More Room Updates...the last of the weekend.

Rick finished up the book case today and hung a few decorations in the room. He added two cabinet doors, two drawers to the book case, and a cube that is removable (bottom row, second from the left). I think it looks fabulous and adds some nice storage options to the room.

A nice painting of Noah's Ark!

This is above the baby's crib!

Also, in the downstairs bedroom Rick hung these mirrors that I bought quite some time ago, but we never put up on the wall!

It has been a wonderful and productive weekend around our house! We are looking forward to upcoming celebrations in December!

Christmas and Hannukah at the Hurckes'

Rick and I have been working on decorating the house this weekend! Here are a few pictures of what we have done!
The upstairs tree which is all snowmen and our newest ornament!

We received our first ornament of 2009 from my Grandma and Grandpa in the mail! Since it is silver it is a little hard to photograph (you can see my reflection in it if you look closely)!

A good combination of Christmas and Hannukah are present on the ledges.

Holiday towels in the bathroom!

This is the other tree downstairs. It has all of our family ornaments and great memories in this tree! This is the updated picture, with tinsel!

Same tree but with the lights!

Later today I am going to start wrapping gifts to put under the trees!

Since I updated this post I thought I would show the wrapped presents!

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Room Updates!

Last week after my parents left I added some more of the stickers to the wall. Today, Rick and I bought a book shelf and assembled it for the room. We also ordered a rug for the middle of the room which should arrive sometime this week!

We moved the dresser near the door and added some stickers!

These are the stickers in the corner in between the two windows!

Finished book case! We had looked online at the book case from Ikea earlier in the week. It said the Bolingbrook store had around 25 in stock. So, on our way home from Jackie's we passed the Schaumburg Ikea to go to one in Bolingbrook (closer to our house). However, when we got there, they were sold out. Instead of waiting a few weeks for them to restock, we got back in the car and drove back to Schaumburg (away from our house and back towards Jackie's house) to get the book case. Luckily, there were plenty in stock at that location.

Up close view of the almost-finished book case! We will be adding a couple of drawers and cabinets tomorrow. I will post updated pictures when we finish!

This is the rug that we ordered from It is 4 feet by 6 feet. Once we have it and it is in the room I will take more pictures!
The last piece of furniture we are still working on is the rocking chair/glider!

Alex's Soccer Class!

This morning Rick and I went to Round Lake to watch Alex's soccer class! He did a great job! Rick took some pictures of the different activities!
First was stretching....

Then sprints...

and a water break!

Next was a passing drill with the parents!

Time to scrimmage. Alex made goal!!!

Running, but not sure where...

Nice action shot!


We had such a fun day watching soccer and having lunch with the Fiedlers!

Week 24

We are all ready for Thanksgiving!!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Crib and dresser!!!

While my mom and Rick were working on the floor, my dad and I went to pick up the dresser and crib. I was able to use a coupon and get some money back before picking up the furniture. The men loaded everything into my dad's truck and we were on our way back. It was such a nice day that we were able to take everything out of the box outside.

Here is the dresser without the drawers.

In the process of putting the crib together...

Almost done!

Action shot!

The crib is complete!!
Completed crib with train and plane decals on the wall! I think it looks great!

My parents and me!

Rick and me! We are ordering the mattress this week!

The new floor!!

My mom and dad spent their entire day helping us with the baby's room! Rick and I think it looks great! First, my mom and Rick spent about 7 hours putting down the new laminate floor.

First the padding went down!

Then the floor started!

And continued...

The final product!

All the way into the closet!

Bathroom Remodel -- Drywall Day Number 2

More drywalling was done on Friday! I am looking forward to priming and painting this next week!

This is the night light setting on the exhaust fan.

This is the normal light setting on the fan.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Bathroom Remodel -- Drywall Day!

The drywall has been put up!

Obviously the toilet wasn't stable where it was before.