Monday, October 26, 2009

Camp Edwards 2009

I spent the beginning of last week in East Troy, Wisconsin at Camp Edwards. Here are a few pictures from the experience!

I taught about the Hardwood Forest this year along with my teaching partner. This is a web activity we did at the beginning of the lesson.

During the scavenger hunt something must have been very interesting!

This was a really awesome view with the trees that were changing colors!

Frog #1!

Holly, Kristin, and Bray during the camp fire.

These were two of the staff members at camp. They led the camp fire. The one on the left had a nice English accent. They were favorites of the female teachers.

Frog #2

Here are a few of my favorite pictures of the tube slides! Alex in her poncho. Mr. Brown was making sure the kids were clear before the next student.

Until next year....

Pumpkin Patch #2

Alex stayed the night on Saturday night. We had some Halloween presents waiting for him. Other than a bag of goodies, Rick had also got him a new football. From the pictures you will be able to tell how excited he was. Rick and Alex played a game with some of the other kids from the neighborhood on Sunday morning. We also went to another pumpkin patch on Sunday morning after we all got up!

This pumpkin patch had a corn box for the kids to play in. Since we were the only ones there, Alex had it to himself.

He was pretending he was getting sucked down a drain.

Then Uncle Ricky helped cover his legs with corn.

Then we went in the corn maze! Alex wanted it to be scary, which it really wasn't but we told him it was.

And Rick tried to provide some "scariness"!

I taught Alex how to get corn off the stalk.

And how to de-husk it!

Silly picture!

Alex knocked down the inflatable pumpkin!

We had a quick stop for a snack!

Rick told Alex he could get a pumpkin as long as he could lift it! This was Alex's first try.

And this is the pumpkin he ended up with!

Week 20!

Week 20!! Half way to meeting our new baby! On Thursday we will find out if we are having a boy or a girl! I am very excited and of course can't wait to share the news!
This is the first official maternity shirt I have worn. This is partially because I need to start wearing them and partially because it is Red Ribbon Week and this is the only red shirt I have that will fit. I am pretty much done with all of my non-maternity pants as well.

Our New Table!

We decided to have a table custom built for us after we Adam suggested that his friend Justen build one for us. We have been in talks with Justen for a few months. Our one of a kind table arrived today along with two benches. We will bet getting 4 chairs as well, but they aren't finished yet. The table could seat 8-12 people depending on if there are adults or kids. We got two leaves and could seat up to 4 more with the leaves in. Rick and I think it might be just a tad too big for the room, but this is the size we requested and still really love it!

This is with the two extra leaves in the table.

With no leaves and one of the benches!
More updates to come tonight including Week 20 belly shot, our weekend with Alex, and some pictures from my trip to camp!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Week 19- a day early!

I am going to camp this week with my students so we took my pictures a day early!

Our Visit with Kayte and her Welcome Home Party!

This week was the first time we have seen Kayte since her return to the United States. She arrived Wednesday night and stayed until this morning. We had a wonderful visit- filled with lots of laughs, friends, and tons of food.

The first thing that we had planned was to donate our hair to Locks for Love (or a similar organization in my case). Here are a few pictures from the hair cut.
My hair seems like nothing compared to Kayte's!!
Thursday after the hair cut we visited with our family and then picked up Jason at the train station. Once we got home Angelia arrived soon after. Kayte, Angelia, and Jason spent Friday together while Rick and I worked. Friday night we all headed downtown to the Mid-American Club in the Aon Building for dinner thanks to Jason and Angelia. These are the pictures from our lovely evening!
Our photo while still in the parking garage!

Having some drinks before dinner!

Group Shot after dinner: Jason, Angelia, Kayte, Katie, and Rick!
Saturday morning the three girls got up to go pick up trash at Patriot Park in Downers Grove. One of my students organized a clean-up through the park district. I wanted to support her efforts and Kayte and Angelia joined me.

We lucked out and had a very pleasant day for cleaning up the park!

Angelia enjoying the sunlight in the prairie!

The reason for all of us being together was for a Welcome Home Party for Kayte!

After the park clean-up, I came home and started cooking!

The Wisconsin guests: Anna (Kayte's sister), Kayte, Amy (Kayte's friend), Jeanne (Kayte's mom), and Diane (Jeanne's friend)

My mom and dad!!

Everyone enjoying the cake!

My dad with Mackenzie and Derek while they enjoyed their dinner.

It wouldn't be a visit with Jason if there wasn't a game of Sorry! We had two games going on for a while, but then some people had to leave. I got my butt kicked in this game. Angelia was the winner!

Mackenzie and I attempted to both fit into Rick's flannel coat. We couldn't' button it but it was pretty close!

Same picture, but this time without laughing!

Mackenzie posing with the flannel!