Saturday, January 31, 2009

Construction- Day 13-- The Carpet

This morning Luna arrived around 9:30am to install our new carpet. It took about 3 hours for them to finish, but we are happy with the results. The color is darker than we had--which is what we wanted. The dirt won't show up easily on this color. The rooms are ready for furniture which we will be getting tomorrow!

The old carpet is gone.

The new carpet is done. The futon will be leaving tomorrow to go to Cindy's and will be replaced with a couch and chair.

The carpet goes all the way into the new room and into the closet!

The new room is carpeted and there is a piece of art on the wall. It is move-in ready. Now it is really hard to believe that this was once two separate rooms.
The only problem is that the closet doors will not close not that we have carpet. We have talked to Kevin and he is going to come out and shave the doors down a little so that they fit!

Friday, January 30, 2009

Puffer Choir Concert-1/27/09

On Wednesday, the choir from my school put on a musical/concert. I saw the dress rehearsal during the school day and then Rick and I went back for the evening show. They definitely improved the second time. Only a couple the students in my class are in choir, but almost all of my student council kids are so I enjoyed seeing them perform. Here are some pictures from the evening performance.
Alex, Kaitlyn, and Maddy
Jillian and Grace in the back. Drew and Timmy in the front.

Part of the cast during one of their songs.

Dance routine number one. All choreographed by the students.

Dance number two!

It was about China so they did a cute job of trying to look like temples.

Alex and Kaitlyn

Ada and Karissa

Almost all of the cast towards the end of the show.

This was so cute...this little girl was taking pictures very up close and person. She was so serious about her job!

Take a bow!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Jerry Hurckes for Mayor!!

Ricks uncle, Jerry Hurckes, announced his candidacy for mayor of Oak Lawn, Illinois on Monday. We have known this was a possibility for quite some time and Rick has been working on his website for a couple months. If you are interested you can see the website here!

The Hurckes Family at our wedding.
Back Row: Joe, Jim, Jack, Jeff, and Jerry
Front Row: Judy, Joyce, Grandma, and June

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Keri's Baby Shower!

Yesterday was my friend Keri's baby shower. Keri is one of the teachers that I worked with last year at Highland. The shower was her school friends. It was nice to see the people I worked with last year since I rarely see them anymore.

I was in charge of getting the cake and it was delicous.

Julie, Keri, and Shor. Julie was on trash duty, Shor wrote down all of the gifts, and I was on picture patrol.

The Highland Crew!

The baby is going to have so many cute clothes!

And tons of books!

Diaper cake made by one of the teachers!

More cute clothes and Shor looking very enthused!

Keri opening part of my present!

All five of these people are attempting to open the last gift...what could it be???

A rocking horse!

One of the teacher's sons was there and loved the new rocking horse.

The shower was a great time.
Keri is due a month from today and I can't wait to meet her new son!

Today's House Updates

Today we bought a few more components for our closet. We are both very happy with the results. Once there is carpet we will start putting more inside.

Rick also changed the air filter and cabin filter in my car today. It was the first time he changed the cabin filter, but there weren't any problems!

The old dirty cabin filter...gross!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Construction- Day 12- The End!

Kevin officially finished the room today! We are so happy with the results. As we have said many times, it is hard to believe that is was two separate rooms. It was a little extra money to repaint, but we are both very happy with the color now so it was worth it.

Carpeting will come in about a week and a half.
The closet wasn't what we had thought at first when we bought the parts, but Kevin worked with us to get it right. Rick did a little bit moving things around when he got home and now we can add to it this weekend.

Rick at work!

Overall, we can't be happier. If anyone is looking for a contractor/handyman/etc we would be happy to recommend Kevin of Tarr and Sons to anyone!

More updates will come once there is carpet and furniture.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Construction- Day 11

We are nearing the finishing touches!
The paint color has been finalized. We are much happier with this second try. Since the ceiling is finished our ceiling fan was put up today. It is making some weird noises so this may be changed or fixed.
Our blinds are up!

One door handle on the closet has been put on, the second will be put on tomorrow.

The closet storage has been installed. It wasn't exactly what we envisioned but it will work well once we get more shelves put in. Here are two different views so you can both sides of the closet.

Finishing touches (minus the carpet) will happen tomorrow! We are very excited!

Sunday, January 18, 2009


My school's PTA is holding a Trivia Night Fundraiser in a couple weeks. There will be a silent auction at the event as well and the teachers were ask to donate something that could be auctioned off. My donation will be this scrapbook. Here are just a few pages of the book. I think it turned out well.