Friday, January 29, 2010

Week 33!

Here are the pictures from this week! I was told at school today that from the front I don't really look pregnant, but when I am seen from the side there is no doubt! I am feeling very large and moving around is becoming more difficult, however, overall I still feel well!

We love Khalil!

Adam, Taryn, and Khalil visited Lockport last weekend! We had a wonderful time, as we always do during our visits with them! Khalil continues to grow and is very happy!

His eyes and eye lashes are beautiful!

I don't love the way I look, but I am happy to have another picture with Khalil!

Here is a cute video of Rick and Khalil playing! The best part is probably Khalil's laugh!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Week 32!

Here are this week's pictures! I had a doctor's appointment on Wednesday. It was very quick and not really any updates. He said the babies growth spurt may be slowing down (or in other words, he doesn't seem quite as big as before). Everything else is good!

Shower Tile is Complete

The tiling was finished on Thursday! It looks just to install the doors and the rest of the fixtures!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Updates to the bathroom

The bathroom is still in the process of being remodeled. We did have some progress this week though. The shower began to get tiled! It looks very nice and with the whole project we can't wait to see the final result!

Week 31!

I am still feeling good. Nothing has really changed for us this week. Here are the pictures!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Week 30!

Looking Good!

Just Kidding! I thought it was funny, Rick didn't, but he still played along!

Here are the real 30 week pictures!

Last night I went to the doctor to have an ultrasound to check the size of the baby. According to the ultrasound and doctor, the baby weighs about 4 lbs right now. It is a little ahead of schedule for size and if he stays on this track should be about 9 lbs at our due date. The doctor isn't worried, all of my other levels are very good. The baby has a very round head right now (like a basketball instead of a football), is definitely a boy, and has a strong heart! It was nice to see him again and we can't wait to meet him in a couple months.
I went back to school this week and it has been going well. It hasn't been as tiring as I was anticipating after having two weeks off. So, hopefully this will last a little longer!

Alex's Birthday Cake!

Sunday was Alex's Birthday Party! One of my favorite parts every year is making the cake. This year's theme was hockey. This proved to be a little more challenging than past birthday's of turtle or train themed. However, the cake ended up turning out really well (I think so anyways) and Alex loved it. He also loved eating the frosting out of the container (which is one of my favorite past times :))

Complete with the candles. Alex has been asking for a 4 candle for a long time! He was thrilled with this one on a stick!