Sunday, May 31, 2009

Up! was Outstanding!!

I saw Disney Pixar's Up! yesterday with Rick and my parents. The movie was fabulous! We all loved it and couldn't stop talking about throughout dinner and the rest of the evening. The characters are some lovable and the story is so thought out and keeps you on the edge of your seat. I would highly recommend it to anyone--kids and adults!

Here are a few pictures that I found online that I really liked!

I think the theme of my classroom next year will be Up!--Going Above and Beyond!

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Field Day 2009 at Puffer!

Friday was Field Day at Puffer. My class did very well and the weather was very nice. Not too hot or too cold! The year is quickly winding down. Next week has a lot of pizza parties and celebrations to mark the end of a successful year!

Our first stop was the rest station...someone had to start there and my class was known to have enough energy to not need to rest later on.

Maria, Leslie, Amber, Destiny, Alessandra, and Lainey

Sierra, Selena, Sam, and Emily!

Playing a game of tag where you had to lay down on the ground like a dead mouse when you were tagged.

In order to become alive again you had to be carried by live mice back to the "mous-pital" to heal them.


Relay time!


Water relays ended out the afternoon.

Medieval Feast

After the assembly we had a Medieval Feast with entertainment performed by the students. Each student brought in a different item for the menu and students researched entertainment during the Middle Ages to perform during the feast. Our feast was outside (luckily the rain held off). I was very happy with how it went for my first time. Our libranian, Gwen, really helped by coordinated the research and entertainment!

Maria and Lainey were fortune tellers!

Mike and Josh were jesters.

Delaney read a poem while Emily played the flute.

Jillian, Julie, and Kaitlyn played their instruments.

Paul getting his food.

More food...

Emily, Sam, and Selena leading a dance.


Alex, Mitch, and Alex jousting!

Bob and Ethan demonstrated archery. They made their costumes too!! It was very impressive.

Gwen and me looking over the itinerary.

Gwen took a turn too!

Eva and Chelsea leading another dance.

Medieval Knights

On Wednesday we had two big events at school. Our Social Studies curriculum has led us into the Middle Ages. I wasn't able to find a good field trip for us, so I brought an assembly to the school. We had a group from Caton Enterprises, Ltd. perform in our gym. The students really had a good time and it was nice that we were such a small group. The kids had a chance to ask a ton of questions since they were the only participants. Here are a few pictures.

The kids got to try out some of the different weapons (hold them only).

A contest took place!

A sword fight was performed!

Group picture!

And another one with the actors!