Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Monthly Photos (5, 6, and 7)!

This is a great way to see just how much Jack has grown and changed in the past two months! Here are his monthly pictures. Jack has been lucky to spend months 4, 5, and 6 with "cutie Alex"! We missed being with him on Monday though for Jack's 7 month birthday! You can tell from the pictures just how much they love each other!

On August 18th we went to the Museum of Science and Industry. This was the very first time Jack tried sitting up by himself!

September 18th was Puffer Fest! Alex played the games and Jack just smiled at a lot of people!

Jack and his daddy!

Taking a break in my classroom. Alex was imitading Jack! I love this picture!

Now he can sit all by himself!

30 Weeks!

Rick took the 30 week photos as I was at camp with my students! The pictures are fabulous!

Such a great smile! He loves his daddy so much!

Now, I am back home and Rick is gone on a business trip! Jack is sitting all on his own and is now all ready for Halloween! He has been spoiled with clothes, toys, bibs, and a costume from Grandma Rina, Aunt MaryAnn, Jenna, and Aunt Lynne! He is such a lucky boy!

This week is peas (he has also had green beans) and despite the face, this is probably his favorite vegetable so far!

29 Weeks!

His expressions and faces pretty much say it all here!
On the other hand, the signs should really say 29 weeks!

28 Weeks! and Jack's first vegetable!

Jack's new sandals--all the way from Hawaii (from Grandpa Al and Grandma Rina)!

Trying on hats...getting ready for fall!

Jack's first vegetable was avacado!

Not too fond, but he didn't spit it out!

27 Weeks!

Sitting up is improving each week!

Something must have been awfully funny!

He is much longer than when he first starting rolling in the chair!

Look at me!

Multi-talented...can eat and play with his rings at the same time!

I just love this expression!