Monday, March 30, 2009

Rick's Birthday Present!!

After Rick got off work today, we went to Spokes Bicycle Shop. We did a little bit of bike shopping yesterday as well. He had a pretty good idea of which bike he wanted. He ended up choosing a different one though. I bought him a Globe by Specialized. He has the satin bronze color. Here are a few pictures we took tonight in the garage.

We also bought a spedometer/odometer for his bike!

Aramdillo Tires!!! Had to be put on the "But Not the Aramdillo" Blog!

As much of an action shot as we could get in the garage!
Happy Birthday, Rick!! I can't wait to go out riding with you as soon as the weather gets nicer!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Holly's Wedding

Last night, Rick and I went to Holly and Anthony's Wedding! Holly teaches 2nd grade at my school and is my mentor. She just got engaged in December and planned their wedding in about 3 months. It was a gorgeous wedding and reception and we were so glad we could be there to celebrate!

Gwen (the librarian at Puffer) and her friends played the music at the ceremony.
It was beautiful.

Anthony is the basketball coach at Elk Grove Village High School. The ring bearers carried these was very cute!

The cute, cute flower girls!

Holly and her Dad

Officially married!!

The cake was so pretty!

The first dance!

Rick and I loved the flower in her hair!

Holly and her dad had planned their dance and were wonderful dancers!

Holly and her dad again!

Carrie, Jan, and Gwen (all teachers at Puffer)

Jan, Holly, Gwen, and Susan
Julie, me, and Carrie

Julie, Josh, and Jan

On the dance floor!

Jan, me, and Gwen--with Glow Sticks!

Pretending to be Charlie's Angels. Me, Julie, Jan, Gwen, and Susan

Gigi, Holly's neice! She loved dancing and loved the glow sticks!

Love him!!!

Holly with her bridesmaids!

Julie and Josh

Holly at the end of the night...still gorgeous!

Doc, Doc Goose

Last week some of my 6th graders were part of a play called Doc, Doc Goose. These students tried out and practiced after school to prepare. I am really proud of their hard work and how much they dedicated to this play. Mrs. Box, our librarian, was the director. She worked so hard with these students to put on this great show!

Mrs. Box introducing the play to the students on Friday at school.

Emily, as the narrator

Matt as the Cow that tried to jump over the moon!

Jillian, as Dr. Goose and Julie, as Nurse Gosling

Mike, as Old McDonald's son and Matt

Jillian and Ethan, as the crooked man

Paul, as Jack B. Nimble and Julie

Bob and Kaitlyn

Sam, as the Queen of Hearts and Amber

Julie, Sam, and Kaitlyn

Delaney, as "Blondie"locks aka Goldilocks

Eva and Bruce, as Jack and Jill, and Jillian

The whole cast! Great Job Everyone!

Student Council in the News!

In February, my Student Council hosted an afterschool movie in which the money we raised went to the American Heart Association. We took an intermission to Jump Rope. This article was just in the paper this week in Downers Grove! You can see me in the background of the first picture!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Spring has Sprung!

Or at least Spring Break! Yesterday was my last day of school before Spring Break. Today we are going to a wedding for Holly, my co-worker and mentor at school. Tomorrow we are going to get Rick his bike (his birthday present). Monday I will be going to school to get some work done and then Tuesday I am going to spend the day with Shor, Dominic, and Gianna. Of course, Wednesday is Denver. When I get back on Saturday we are going to the Listermann Reunion (Rick's mom's family). Sunday we will relax and I will regroup to head back to school.

I am looking forward to my fun week!

Look for pictures from all of the happenings and for pictures from my 6th graders play that they just performed on Thursday night!

Denver Bound!!

I decided that I would take a short trip over my Spring Break to Denver! I am going to visit Jess and Eliot from Wednesday until Saturday morning. I was able to get a really good price using Priceline. I can't wait to go!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Birthday Weekend!

Saturday my side of the family came over for our birthdays. We had a nice time with all of my favorite foods.

My mom opening one of her gifts!

Rick with pasta and I am holding a new pie plate.

Rick made me a scavenger hunt to find my presents. This is one of the first clues along the way.

Finding the next clue up in the bowls.

Cake Time!!

On Sunday, Jackie, Alex, and Cindy came over for the celebration!
After dinner we went to the park for a little while!
Rick with his excited expression! Don't let him fool you, he wasn't going very fast!

Alex waving to "Grandma Carlo"

Alex and Uncle Ricky!

Alex and me!
Alex and Jackie!

Check out the expressions on Rick and Alex's faces. Priceless!!